About InThing™

Who We Are

InThing™ (previously Tagit Solutions)
InThing™ is a Silicon Valley based Industry 4.0 software company that provides location intelligence about goods and things accurately by leveraging modern sensors, contemporary user-interfaces, and sophisticated pattern detection and AI/ML algorithms.
Democratizing adoption
At InThing™, our mission is to democratize the adoption of location and IoT sensors by minimizing the risks and costs involved in the implementation and change-management stages with proven and user friendly applications.
Managed by seasoned & experienced technologists
InThing™ is managed by seasoned tech enthusiasts passionate about making a difference by taking on tough challenges and simplifying them with smart adoption of modern technologies.
Led by expertise & patent-holding individuals
The team consists of trailblazing and patent-holding individuals with a proven track record of being the first in the market. Questioning status-quo and reimagining, is a way of life at InThing™. We are a team of individuals who are driven by 'why this and why not that’.

What we offer

16 ready-to-deploy solutions for improving visibility of 'Goods' and 'Assets' built with modern architecture, intelligent algorithms and containerized templates. 

Our core verticals

Manufacturing, technology, aerospace, telecommunication, healthcare, government and education. 

Real-time Intelligence About Things For Responsive Enterprises

Customers can improve their Safety, Compliance, Productivity and Sustainability initiatives, across all business functions, by transitioning the repetitive, error-prone and labor intensive processes to touch-less, accurate and automated operations and thereby, respond to real-life situations in real-time. 

What We Strive For

Deliver our promise on time and within budget


To democratize the adoption of cutting-edge sensor-based technologies that will change the way businesses function & track their assets and goods across geographies.


To increase accuracy, reduce labor & spends by making RFID and RTLS deployments massively scalable, rapidly-deployable, highly-available and extremely flexible across all industries.

We Are Bold
Challenge convention & deep dive into problem solving
We Are Different
Think 'Out of the Box', inclusive, embrace diversity
We Are Simple
Enjoy solving byte-sized problems, work in mini sprints
We Are Smart
Pursue excellence towards a larger goal, remain profitable

InThing™ Timeline

Over the last 9 years, we have built one of the most agile, scalable platforms with cutting edge software to solve larger business problems


Re-launched InThing Corp as a pure-play software company with its offshore development center in Zagreb, Croatia


Launched world's 1st real-time situation detection platform to transform SCM operations


Launched world's 1st microservices based visibility platform to support rapid deployment


Deployed Voting Equipment Tracking Solution in Philadelphia for 2020 Presidential Elections


Launched world's 1st high-availability sensor platform to support mission critical operations. Our solution won the 'Best Implementation in Manufacturing' award from RFID Journal

IT Operations

Asset management process from procurement to retirement


Asset management process from procurement to retirement

In Office Spaces

Asset management process from procurement to retirement


Asset management process from procurement to retirement

Our Customers

Collaborating with top businesses across industries and verticals

Philadelphia Dept. of Elections

Automated chain of custody of voting equipment & pallets

Hong Kong Aircraft Eng. Company (HAECO)

MRO tool tracking solution for avoiding Foreign Object Debris (FOD)


Enabling contract manufacturers with tagging at source

CEPHEID Molecular Diagnostics

Automated Kanban material management