InThing Visium Platform


InThing Visium is a distributed cloud platform with ready to deploy data services and applications and helping enterprises gain real-time visibility of physical things, automate operations and help gain actionable operational insights.


Keeping track of thousands of physical things at your operations is challenging. However, knowing where things are, is the first step and key to driving a number of transformations that can provide actionable insights in real time, impact productivity, deliver accuracies, and achieve overall operational intelligence.


Reduce downtimes with real time material visibility, auditing and production flow.

Enterprise Operations

Improve service management with real time asset intelligence.

Warehouse & DCs

Accuracy of shipment verification and receiving reconciliation

RFID, RTLS and Geo rapid visibility and inventory

Designed around sensor technologies, Visium's unified system gathers real-time data; rapid, last seen item location information to provide a powerful set of features that utilize information around visibility of things.

Asset reservation system

Do you have a need to easily manage asset, item or equipment reservations between your employees? We have just the right thing for you, providing reservation module in our system that is out of the box.

Ability to synchronize with other systems

Visium’s system can be utilized as an intermediary system or extension to your existing system to optimise the power of your mobile applications suite. This option is also provided to every interested enterprise collaborators.

Localized for different languages

Visium has built-in support for English, Spanish and Arabic languages. Your language not on the list? Then contact us and we will add it in a matter of days.

Custom fields and attributes

Visium’s system is highly extensible and customizable to client needs. Properties bound to items, assets, locations and other entities not defined by our system, can easily be defined through web UI interface. Actions and operations can be customized to new fields and attributes.

Hierarchical categorization of items

Classify items easily based on your needs and preferences. Take advantage of hierarchical categorization and inheritance of custom attributes, including properties and their associated values. Visium’s built-in reports and search capabilities optimize the categorization of items.

Changes Are Pervasive


Visium Mobile

  • Rapid Inventory
  • Location auditing
  • Progressive Item Locator
  • Multimodal sensors (RFID, BLE, GPS, Barcode, Camera)

Self service kiosk using desktop apps

  • Self checkout and check in items
  • Assemble and audit kits
  • Smart cribs for tools
  • RFID Label encoding and printing

Web based interface

  • Manage data about things and their attributes and properties, locations, and people
  • Create kits and varieties of containers

Geographic visibility

  • Support Google, Bing, OSM, Esri and GaoDe (China), Daum (Korea)

Modern mobile app

  • Kit Management & Auditing
  • Available on Industrial Android devices
  • Supports industrial sleds (Bluetooth) on Android and iPhones

Real time reporting engine

  • Reports reflect the reality as of right now, not overnight data dumps

Open Integration API

  • Connect

Intuitive digital interface

  • Asset Reservation workflow for returnable / rented items

Geography Mapping

  • Search by arbitrary boundary, proximity or selected location
  • Indoor Mapping for RTLS monitored items
Flexible global and hierarchical item taxonomy

Unlimited hierarchy of attributes to specify and search with precision

Multilingual interfaces

Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese and other languages

RBAC (Role based access control)

Support organization level view of items and operations

Microservices / Container based deployment

Modern distributed architecture assures unprecedent scalability as users grow

Works with your SSO

Federated identity such as Azure AD, LDAP and other OAuth2, OpenID Connect and SAML based infrastructure

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With InThing Visium, we can manage all our product inventory, fleet movement from a single place, and are alerted immediately if they don't keep to a schedule.

Steven McGown

InThing has brought our manual intervention to a minimum. All of our inventory is connected to a single system, and it gives us a 360 degree view of where everything is.

James McArthur
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