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InThing™ is managed by seasoned tech enthusiasts passionate about making a difference by taking on tough challenges and simplifying them with smart adoption of modern technologies. The team consists of trailblazing and patent-holding individuals with a cumulative experience of 100+ years, and a proven track record of being industry leaders across diverse fields. Questioning status-quo and reimagining, is a way of life at InThing. We are a team of individuals who are driven by 'why this and why not that’.


Over the last 15 years, our team have built one of the most agile, scalable platforms with cutting edge software to solve larger business problems
Sandee Mukherjee is the co-founder & CEO of InThing Corp. He has worked in IT Infrastructure and IT Ops outsourcing for the last 3 decades & currently works on cutting-edge solutions around Supply Chain & Asset Management operations. Music, reading and traveling are his passions.

Sandee Mukherjee

Rajiv Anand is the co-founder & CTO of InThing Corp. With a focus on next generation connected and distributed enterprise, IoT, micro-services, provenance and machine learning, he develops the technology behind the solutions at InThing. He is an artist, musician and traveler.

Rajiv Anand

Alfred Wong is a director at InThing Corp, a venture capitalist and on the board of several Govt. and private companies in Taiwan and Phillipines.

Alfred Wong



Vitali is a solutions engineer and software architect with InThing since the last 12 years. He loves design, is passionate about technology and visiting places.

Vitali Liakhavets

Director, Engineering
Bish manages Alliances and Channel Partnerships at InThing. She has worked in various opeational roles, loves music and travel.

Bish Datta

Director, Alliances
Alen is a software architect, loves tinkering with big data, machine learning and AI. He loves playing the guitar, recording music and loves football.

Alen Čamagajevac

Software Architect
Lawrence oversee inside sales and order-to-cash operations at InThing. Among his many hobbies are horseback riding, reading and hunting.

Lawrence Martin

Regional Accounts and Projects
Anthony is a Customer Success Manager building credibility and relationship with stakeholders. He is passionate about fitness, travel and food.

Anthony Palavi

Enterprise Customer Success Manager
Anitha takes care of procurement, billing, customer service and inside sales activities for InThing. She loves music and gardening in her free time.

Anitha Manya Aitha

Operations Manager
Igor is a senior software developer experienced in web and mobile solutions across industries. He loves traveling, sports and gaming in his free time.

Igor Farszky

Development Team Lead
Yashaswini is a Sales Development Manager handling end-to-end of client co-ordination and management. She loves badminton, listening to music and crafting.

Yashaswini Aradhya

Sales Development Manager
Anurag handles SaaS finance, providing sound financial leadership while partnering with SaaS businesses. He loves playing chess, watching current affairs and business news.

Anurag Singh

Global Finance Manager
Dr.Charmaine Kenita is a Content Marketing & Website Development strategist. She is also a naturopath, author & yoga practitioner and loves reading & painting in her free time.

Dr. Charmaine Kenita

Branding, Digital Marketing, Website Design
Sajeev is the Global Support Manager to meet customer's post-production needs. Outside of work, his world revolves around football, cooking and blogging.

Sajeev Mathew

Global Support Manager
Izabela Pepelko Farszky is a Digital Marketing Specialist at InThing, with expertise in content writing, media communications. She enjoys traveling, working out and spending time in nature.

Izabela Pepelko Farszky

Social Media Specialist
Ivan is a Business Analyst and Project Manager handling the Visium and Trapeze teams. From meticulously analyzing data to providing actionable insights to managing projects, he multitasks across various projects.

Ivan Popović

Business Analyst/Support Lead
Priyanka is a Channel Development Executive liaisoning with channel partners and clients I've done my MBA from Murdoch University. She loves travelling, swimming and music.

Priyanka Seetharam

Channel Development Executive
Antun designs backend software solutions for Trapeze. He likes going to the gym, playing various video games and watching movies.

Antun Tkalčec

Software Engineer
Ivana is a software developer with expertise in extracting meaningful data from sensor-based technologies. Outside of work she enjoys renewing her energy with long walks, exercise and cooking healthy food.

Ivana Vanjak

Software Developer
Ladan is a certified scrum master and Sr. project manager with more than 9 years of experience. She loves reading, playing table tennis and socializing with friends.

Ladan Karimi

Sr. Agile Project Manager
Ishita Joshi is a technical engineer troubleshooting software issues, ticket handling, and resolving org-wide IT related issues. She loves singing and listening to sufi music, and practicing meditation for overall well-being.

Ishita Joshi

Technical Support Engineer
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