Trapeze Platform


InThing Trapeze's event detection system triggers useful actions and sends alerts based on events, directly from IoT devices and sensors or calculated complex events.



People in all operations within enterprises know that the world is increasingly more demanding for speed and accuracy. You simply cannot achieve it without real time visibility into materials moving into production, finished goods getting loaded into shipments and assets moving from one end to another. You need a system that watches those for you, spot situations that demand your attention and produce insights from massive amount of events that sensors generate for identity, location, and their physical environment. InThing’s Trapeze platform has power to automate sensor event collection, produce real-time intelligence and take actions that create real impact in your operation, all in matter of minutes.


Reduce downtimes with real time material visibility, auditing and production flow.

Enterprise Operations

Improve service management with real time asset intelligence.

Warehouse & DCs

Accuracy of shipment verification and receiving reconciliation

IoT devices and sensors middleware

Sensor architecture of Trapeze supports most industrial readers already. Introduction of new devices and sensors are quick and easy including integrating and managing devices with new event types and completely proprietary integration methods.

Event processing engine

Trapeze’s event processing engine has the ability to detect multiple moving situations that involve people or things; temperature levels, exact location, presence or absence. For every event and action on different devices, an alert can be triggered. Complex events can easily be calculated from simple ones, and new event types easily introduced into the system.

Localized for different languages

Trapeze has built-in support for most languages. Your language not on the list? Then contact us and we will add it in a matter of days.

Integrated with your operation systems

Trapeze provides out of the box mechanisms to consume business data and publish events or actions in real-time to Visium data services or other enterprise applications such as SAP, Oracle, ServiceNow, IBM Maximo etc. A dedicated service (InThing Bridge) is designed from ground up for fault tolerant integrations to leverage your sensor infrastructure across many business units and departments

Changes Are Pervasive



Automated dock doors



On time replenishment



Touchless audit portals


Inventory / Cycle counts

50 items per second



Real time tracking notifications



Zero error portals


Returnable Items

Streamlined fulfillment and tracking


Hazardous materials

Automated compliance and alerts



Zero error dock doors

Highly available distributed deployment

Scalable, fault tolerant cluster

Event and temporal correlation

Detect complex patterns of events

Real-time publications

Notify and act on situations as it happens

Connects to everything

Including new sensors in future

Off the shelf contextualization

Standard modules interpret common events

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With InThing, we can manage all our product inventory, fleet movement from a single place, and are alerted immediately if they don't keep to a schedule.

Steven McGown

InThing has brought our manual intervention to a minimum. All of our inventory is connected to a single system, and it gives us a 360 degree view of where everything is.

James McArthur
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