Applied Materials deploys InThing Visibility Platform to track equipment, parts and intellectual properties


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"InThing’s Asset Visibility solution helped us realize our investment by avoiding unnecessary expenditures in less than three months."
Murali Narasimhan, General Manager, Metal Deposition Products Group, Applied Materials
The Metal Deposition Products Group of Applied Materials, a leading global provider of equipment, services, and software to enable the manufacturing of semiconductors, flat-panel displays, and solar photovoltaic products adopts InThing's Visibility Platform for tracking and locating their equipment and consumables. InThing’s Visibility Platform leverages UHF RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) stacks to reduce the manual intervention of process engineers and lab operations team members in tracking and locating test and measurement equipment, semiconductor equipment parts and consumables throughout their clean-room, sub-fab area, engineering labs and warehouses during test set ups and ISO audits. The solution also keeps track of intellectual properties and wafer carriers to maintain a complete chain of custody of customer wafers, FOUPs, FOSBs and Coupon Carriers across their facilities. 

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