Nurturing Growth in IT: Highlights from the DevSheGoes Meet-Up


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As the world of information technology continues to evolve at a breakneck pace, the role of mentorship in shaping the careers of budding engineers has never been more crucial. This was the central theme of our latest DevSheGoes Meet-Up, a vibrant event that brought together professionals from all walks of the IT industry. The highlight? Our very own Matea's heartwarming and insightful sharing of her experiences as a mentee.

Unveiling the Power of Mentorship
  • The meet-up kicked off with a panel discussion that delved into the importance of mentorship in engineering. Statistics were shared showing a significant interest in mentoring among IT employees, but only a fraction truly experiencing its full benefits. This discrepancy opened up an animated dialogue about what constitutes a quality mentor-mentee relationship and how to foster it effectively.

  • Matea's Story: A Beacon of Inspiration
  • It was then time for Matea, a valued member of our team, to take the stage. With a mix of humility and enthusiasm, she recounted her journey in the tech world under the guidance of her mentors. Her story was not just about receiving advice and guidance; it was about mutual respect, shared growth, and the transformative impact a mentor can have on a professional and personal level.

  • Key Takeaways from Matea's Experience:
  • * The Right Match is Key: Matea emphasized the importance of aligning with a mentor who truly understands and respects your career aspirations.

    * Communication is Crucial: Regular, open, and honest discussions were a cornerstone of her successful mentorship experience.

    * Goals and Growth: Matea highlighted how her mentors helped her set realistic goals and provided invaluable support in achieving them.

  • Building a Strong Foundation
  • The meet-up also explored the foundational elements necessary to establish a fruitful mentoring relationship. Panelists stressed the need for clear objectives, mutual commitment, and a structured approach to ensure the mentorship is beneficial and goal-oriented.

  • Motivation for Involvement
  • Finally, the discussion turned to the motivation behind joining mentoring programs. Many shared that the desire to give back to the community, coupled with the opportunity to learn and grow alongside one's mentee, were compelling reasons for their involvement.


    As the event drew to a close, the air was buzzing with inspiration and new perspectives on mentorship in the IT sector. Matea’s story, in particular, left a lasting impression, serving as a vivid reminder of the powerful role mentorship can play in shaping careers and lives in the technology realm. The DevSheGoes Meet-Up was not just an event; it was a celebration of shared knowledge, growth, and the endless possibilities that open up when experienced professionals dedicate themselves to nurturing the next generation of tech talent.

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