InThing Corp and Nuage Technologies to offer innovative Supply Chain solutions in Canada


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InThing™ Corporation, a Silicon Valley based Industry 4.0 software company, partners with Nuage Technologies, a leading provider of digital transformation solutions in Canada, for automating the labor-intensive, repetitive, and incomprehensive processes in asset management and supply chain operations, and thereby, transforming the safety, productivity, frugality, and sustainability measures of commercial enterprises and government agencies in Canada.
Stéphane Parent, General Manager at Nuage Technologies stated: "InThing's software reduces the cost of implementing RFID and RTLS solutions by a whopping 68%, as their algorithms replace the need for custom processing of raw sensor events with pre-built event applications. This will help our customers achieve their ROI much faster than ever seen before. We look forward to introducing InThing's software to our existing and future clients."
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