InThing becomes part of an elite group with SOC2 Certification in the RFID industry


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The SOC2 certification, a compliance guideline is especially critical for the SaaS industry given the overarching emphasis on data management and data privacy in RFID today. Building robust platforms that track and trace goods and assets throughout the supply chain while providing secure, scalable and resilient services requires that access and possession of third-party data that must be governed at all times by the 5 ‘Trust Principles’ of security - availability, integrity, confidentiality and privacy.

Taking into consideration InThing’s unique value proposition, our SOC2 guidelines comply with all the required trust principles across different operational complexities. With sensor-based software solutions constantly evolving and changing to suit new enterprise environments, the compliance parameters we implement impact our operations, reputation, ability to do business and the way potential business partners evaluate our software infrastructure for their operational needs.

With the SOC2 certification, data privacy and cybersecurity measures ensure adherence to the highest standards. InThing being one of the few software solutions providers in the RFID space to receive this certification, our commitment is to ensure customer data security is maintained at the highest standards, and the trust entrusted in the use of our services is vetted and verified by an external auditor standing as a testament to our integrity and commitment. The certification will help us deliver;

  • Enhanced Security Posture:
  • Robust Security Controls: The process of obtaining SOC 2 certification requires implementation and maintenance of strong information security controls at every stage of Visium and Trapeze product build, testing and deployment. This enhances the overall security level of the organization, reducing the risk of data breaches and unauthorized access at every stage of the solution usage and data collation.

  • Customer Trust and Confidence:
  • Demonstrated Commitment to Security: SOC 2 certification serves as tangible evidence of our deep commitment to maintaining high standards of information security in the RFID domain. With an agile infrastructure that is constantly evolving, we ensure the maintenance of the highest standards across every build and new product feature to instill confidence in customers, assuring them that their data is handled with the utmost care and security.

  • Market Differentiation:
  • Competitive Advantage: With data collation and security become an increasing priority in the asset management and supply chain operations space, SOC 2 compliance certification acts as a key differentiator about the seriousness we bring to our work, and our non-compromising stance in being the top trustworthy and secure service providers.

  • Regulatory Compliance:
  • Alignment with Regulations: SOC 2 compliance aligning with various data protection and privacy regulations, and constantly changing with unique business needs, mandates that we keep up with rapidly transforming legal and regulatory compliance requirements that companies need, thereby reducing the risk of fines and legal complications.

  • Risk Management:
  • Identification and Mitigation of Risks: The SOC 2 framework emphasizes risk management and mitigation. InThing solutions are designed to identify potential risks to information security with failsafe measures implemented at every stage of development and deployment to mitigate these risks, reducing the likelihood of security incidents.

  • Efficiency and Process Improvement:
  • Streamlined Operations: The certification process involves the documentation of policies and procedures related to information security, which helps us in streamlining operations and making roles, responsibilities and processes more efficient.

    In summary, delivering software as a service is a continuously engaging and evolving enterprise and given that businesses and enterprises rely on us to run their most critical services, makes it importance for us to support them unerringly and with full support. SOC 2 certification emphasizes InThing’s promise to build and sustain a resilient, secure and robust software infrastructure and ensure we continuously fulfil our operational practices, build trust with all our customers, optimize the use of our software across supply chain operations in various industries, while fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

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